♀ Speedy

Hello, my name is Speedy. That’s not only my name but also my program. When I turn up the heat a little, people are always pretty impressed. But when I really get going – boy, oh boy, then all hell breaks loose!

No one can tell anymore that I come from Finland. With my mistress I speak German and Dog. That way, we get along really well with each other.

Besides my chief work – guarding the house, courtyard and garden – I also have to play with Kasi and Lara. And then I also have to go to Agility-Training with my mistress. I have so much fun there. Through the tunnel (sometimes also beside the tunnel, when my mistress doesn’t pay attention), over the A-Wall, over the obstacles and viaducts, onto the table (for a little rest), onto the see-saw and along the plank…that’s where I can really get going.

The dog-dance is also something I really enjoy doing. That’s where I can show my “special tricks”, that I can run through my mistress’ legs, that, at a word from my mistress no matter where she is, I can sit down, that I can be a meerkat and also lots of other things. We once showed all of this in Rheinbach. So many people were watching and they all clapped their hands. My mistress and I were really proud.

My Pedigee

Speedy also came to us as an import. She stems from the excellent Bombix Moren breed from Irma Leino in Espoo/ Finnland.

Speedy is the fastest mouse in our Kennel – she can’t be beaten when it comes to sport – Dog dance and Agility are her strengths. She gets this from her Ancestors.

Her Titles:

*European Champion Puppy 2007

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